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FATA Aluminum supplies automated casting plants for aluminum castings produced in semi-permanent mold, automatic carousels, casting machines, pouring robots, manipulators, and engineering of the seven-axis robot. The company also produces an environmentally friendly foundry of sand regeneration technology. It reduces cost and improves the quality of the sand.

FATA Aluminum has a wide range of machines and tooling for standard and technical products. The recognized capability in managing turn key projects, a proven know-how in foundry technologies, a huge international experience are some of the features indicating FATA Aluminum as the right partner for innovative and modern foundry around the world.

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FATA Aluminum is a registered member of ISO 9001

FATA Aluminum | FATA

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May 23-36, 2011
Moscow, Russia
Booth #7-4- Stand #A05


June 28-July 2, 2011
Dusseldorf, Germany
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