About Us

FATA Aluminum’s Headquarter is located in Chivasso. A city near Turin, Italy.

About Us

FATA Aluminum is a world class leader in the manufacturing of casting machinery, sand regeneration systems and ancillary equipment. For more than 60 years we have supplied everything from single machines to turn-key projects for the biggest players in the foundry market, such as Teksid, PSA, VW, Nemak, Montupet, GM, Ferrari, KS, Ford, +GF+, Mercedes, Federal Mogul, TATA, Suzuki, Honda, and many others.

Our highly skilled engineers can assist you with your foundry needs, regardless of the size of your operation or geographical position, in order to find the most efficient solutions to minimize costs and shorten return on investment time, guaranteeing unparalelled quality for your products.

FATA Aluminum range of products and services include:

  • Technical product and process analysis
  • Complete feasibility and engineering studies including simulations and Return on Investment calculations
  • Automated gravity casting systems for the production of aluminum cylinder heads, blocks, pistons and various automotive components
  • Lost foam systems for the production of a wide range of automotive components
  • Machinery for aluminum casting, fettling and pre-finishing lines
  • Sand regeneration systems for green sand
  • Sand regeneration systems for sand binders
  • Sand regeneration systems for inorganic binders (patent pending)
  •  Premium after sales support and assistance